At the Dental Surgical Center of Medina, we thrive to provide the best patient care by assisting in making the patient surgeries safe and efficient. This includes, but not limited to: starting surgeries on time, short room turn over time, and patients safely discharged upon full recovery.

In order to accomplish the above, we are asking surgeons to follow the following protocols:

1. Please call our office at (330) 972-1737, as soon as you have a patient for surgery.

2. Provide our staff with patient information and give estimated time required for surgery.

3. Patients are welcome to contact us through our office phone number or our

4. We will contact patients to give instructions and answer any questions patients may have.

5. A Physical is required within 30 days of surgery, this follows accreditation standard.
    Please use provided H&P form. H&P form is downloadable under Patient Resource: "Forms" link.

6. One day prior to surgery date, our office will confirm the appointment and review pre-operative instruction
    with the patient.

7. Surgeons, please arrive with an assistant. We provide all equipment and supplies. Our circulator nurse is
    very knowledgable, but you will feel more comforatable working with your own assistant.

8. We asked that patient and surgeon to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time.

Dr. Steve Nguyen, Clinical Director
Dental Surgical Center Medina
330-952-1737 office